What exactly is a Top Tourist Destination?

The term Top Tourist Destination in Midi-Pyrénées (Grand Site de Midi-Pyrénées) is a designation established by the Midi-Pyrénées region in 2007. It enables you to pick out those tourist attractions that are absolutely unmissable to help you in planning your exploration of Midi-Pyrénées. This designation is also a way for us to preserve and promote our key places of heritage, cultural and natural interest that are recognised as being of special interest both nationally and internationally. The towns, villages and natural attractions that today qualify for this designation have signed a contract to guarantee that they offer quality in the long term. This quality concerns visitor reception and information, tourist facilities and services, accessibility, and preservation of the environment. The Top Tourist Destinations in Midi-Pyrénées programme is supported by the European Union.

The Top Tourist Destinations in Midi-Pyrénées operate as a network, with the support of regional, departmental and local institutions, each working closely together with the others to spread the word about the attractions of Midi-Pyrénées and to continue to work hard to give their visitors what they want.